Who We Are


The Pacific Palisades Garden Club recognizes that the natural environment supports health and well-being; that California coastal, canyon, and foothill landscapes are a heritage to preserve in their rich diversity of species; and that the Garden Club's beautification, restoration and school garden projects are 

important expressions of the community's character.

It is therefore  the purpose of the Pacific Palisades Garden Club to promote the knowledge and love of gardening; to educate through meetings, tours and publications; and to restore, improve and protect the quality of the environment through projects that demonstrate stewardship of shared habitat and responsible use of resources.


 Pacific Palisades Garden Club (hereinafter "PPGC") is designated as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Some funds generated from grants, membership donations, bequests, private donations, and the Spring Garden Tour, enable PPGC to help create or maintain "edible gardens" in schools, civic beautification projects, and plant conservation and restoration efforts in nearby communities. 

The Club welcomes proposals for challenging new programs that it might undertake or else support in the future, as funds and volunteer assistance allow.

Each administrative and fiscal year begins on July 1 & ends on June 30. 


The Executive Board Officers for 2019–20 are:

President:  Mary Schulz Shanahan

1st Vice President:  Jim Jaeger

2nd Vice President:  Deanne Vandernoot

Treasurer:  Jo Ann Bright

Secretary:  Sherry Martin

Interim Parliamentarian:  Barbara Wold


The PPGC's perennially popular Spring Garden Tour invites guests to visit a half-dozen beautiful and unusual local home gardens. These may range from spacious, elegant landscaping, to well-designed smaller gardens with sustainability features such as water conservation systems, lawn replacement, low maintenance, and drought-tolerant plantings, 

vegetable, fruit, and herb growing.